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Kenyan-born Kelly Wanjiru is the personification of a true, self-made sensation who knew early on in her life that she was destined to work in the world of fashion and show business. Truth be told, she wanted to become a star, but not just a star – she wanted to be a role model.

Born on July 11th , 1991 in Kiambu, Kenya; Kelly Developed a passion for modeling and acting at the age of 6 yrs (with a strong will and little tolerance for the word "No"), she convinced her mother to move her and her two sisters, to Nairobi which then began her journey in exploring acting classes and modeling. She grew up admiring the high fashion models her favorite being Alek wek- A Sudanese born super model who remained her favorite and role model to date.

Free of pretense, her hard work and a positive spirit allowed her to move to the neighboring country Uganda, to fend for herself. She was later on scouted by Kat model scouts and enrolled in the Kat Model School of fashion (http://facebook.com/katmodels ) Kelly has met various photographers and producers all over Kampala. She has attended various designer shows, and promotional events to continue to add to her list of network/experience. She is recognized for her diversity, exotic looks, assorted talents and unique interests.

Currently Kelly (https://www.facebook.com/Misskellywanjiru/)has led her way into a broader dimension. Working on various projects and meeting such renowned fashionistas as Lilian Anyona (Managing Director Fashion Africa and Kat Models Kenya), Tony Chira (Executive Director of Kenya modeling Fraternity), Miss Bikini winner 2011 francesca franny, designer Mohammad Bana for African Archievers, Enoch Naam Executive director Fashion Africa and Chief Executive director of Kat Models and Justina Mutale founder of positive runway global catwalk. She continues to expand!

You may also recall her as a cover model of fashion Africa magazine with premier including Super model Rahwa Afeworki. She is a hottie who is on her way with much more to come and no telling where she will be heading next!

The Milestones…
1.Kelly's popularity has soared in recent years: she has been nominated for the Miss Malindi competitions which were held on 27th December in Malindi, Kenya 2012

2.Showcasing for Indian designs by Shenu Hooda on 31st December 2012

3.Launch of the Nodding disease campaign Piato restaurant Uganda on The 25th November 2012. A deadly disease that has killed children between the age of 1-15 yrs in over 3000 households yet has no cure.

4.Hit the runway for two designers at positive runway fashion event on 23rd February 2013, designers being; African Achievers Awards designers walikuwa Galina Tatarinova na Azra Walji

Biography created by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Enoch Naam from Kat Models, London, United Kingdom. 



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